Leading Distribution Platform
Franchise acquired a 100% interest in ACA Müller ADAG Pharma, a licensed medical cannabis distributor in Germany since 2017. Our distribution facility currently serves a network of 950 pharmacies with imports from another medical cannabis cultivator within the EU. Franchise has begun cultivation at a licensed facility in Denmark and upon GMP certification will begin importing internal product into Germany to further increase margins and achieve fully integrated seed to sale operations in Europe.
Indoor Cultivation for EU Market
Franchise is fully licensed for THC cultivation with a 4,000+ ft² indoor facility fully built out in Randers, Denmark with a planned Phase 2 expansion of 80,000 ft². Our Denmark division is positioned to be one of the first companies to export medicinal cannabis flower throughout the European market after achieving EU-GMP certification. The facility is strategically located on the German border which will supply our German operations and supplement existing 3rd party supply agreements.
Outdoor THC & CBD Cultivation
Colombia will serve to be Franchise’s low-cost operations to drive exports. We are fully licensed to cultivate THC & CBD cannabis and its derivatives. Currently, 40+ of our top strains have been submitted for the characterization process which will be used for commercial production. Colombia is a rich agricultural country allowing for perpetual harvests year-round due to the proximity of the equator and ideal climate.
Outdoor Hemp Cultivation
Franchise possesses all licenses to cultivate, process, sell, import and export <1% THC cannabis. The site is a large, scalable property with a total of 420 acres, the first 100 acre harvest is being completed. Uruguay is more advantageous than other regions for industrial hemp cultivation due to the higher allowance of THC content (USA, Canada <0.3% and in Europe <0.2%). The site is strategically located to a Free Trade Zone with the construction of a processing facility to be completed in 2019.
Genetics Bank
Franchise acquired Harmony Health, a world-class seeds and genetics company, in 2018. Harmony Health possesses over 240 strains in its seed bank, many of which are rare land races and parent stock. We are constantly innovating to address market trends by breeding new cannabis varieties for an assortment of applications including medical, high CBD profiles, and flower yields.